About R3 Medical’s Insurance Covered Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy


R3 Medical works with medical providers nationwide, offering amniotic fluid allograft injection procedures at its Centers of Excellence. The Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy procedures are covered by most insurance including Medicare.

When considering therapies to offer, R3 has four requirements:

Is it safe?

Does it work well?

Is it cost effective for providers AND patients?

Is it something we would want for our friends and family?

In the case of Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy, the requirements are definitely met with close to 14,000 procedures having been performed in the past 8 years. That includes a LOT of family members of our staff too. With most insurance companies covering the amniotic fluid procedures, it is definitely a cost effective therapy for patients too!


Patient satisfaction is very high and typically long lasting. Especially when compared with the ridiculously short pain relief seen with steroid injections, which are still considered a “gold standard” for some reason.


The amniotic fluid injections offer pain relief for all types of joint pain, back/neck pain and soft tissue problems including tendonitis and sports injuries. The procedures include a single injection that takes less than 30 minutes and is typically performed under image guidance. The procedures are covered by most insurance companies including Medicare.


R3 has been at the forefront of regenerative therapies for a long time. Not only does this include offering patients great outcomes, but also R3 excels in provider training, patient education and providing a full slate of regenerative products for healthcare practices nationwide.


If you would like to see if you or a loved one is a candidate for insurance covered Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy with amniotic fluid injetcions at one of our Centers, Call us Today at (888) 798-5665!