Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy for Elbow Pain – Insurance Covered Amniotic Fluid Injections


Elbow pain can be extremely disabling for individuals and is often caused by overuse. People often don’t realize just how much they use their elbow until it hurts. Activities such as lifting, driving, throwing, and brushing one’s hair all use the elbow extensively. And when chronic pain is involved, it can really put a damper on one’s quality of life.

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy for Elbow Pain – Insurance Covered Amniotic Allograft Injections

Elbow Tendonitis

Degenerative Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Autoimmune Conditions

Ligament Injury

Sports Injuries

Treatment for chronic elbow pain typically include conventional options that haven’t changed much in a long time. 


Steroid Injections


Physical Therapy



When you look at a lot of these treatments, they may provide exceptional relief but usually for a short period of time. For instance, studies on steroid procedures show the relief only lasts for a few weeks typically. In addition, numerous studies show that they can be harmful to one’s cartilage.


In addition, elbow surgery is not a “slam dunk” procedure. Whether it’s for arthritis, a nerve being pinched, or chronic tendonitis. There are obvious risks associated with surgery, and success is not guaranteed. Additionally, one has to keep in mind that there is no going back after having surgery.


The newest treatment options include a procedure that can actually work with the body to repair and regenerate damaged tissues, as opposed to just being a proverbial “band aid” to mask pain. Stem Cell Recruitment TherapyTM involves amniotic fluid injections for the elbow that are safe and effective at harnessing the body’s healing mechanism for pain relief.


Amniotic fluid Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy  is covered by major insurance companies such as Medicare, Tricare and most Commercial Insurance companies. Call R3 Medical today to learn more about the amniotic fluid injection procedure and to get set up with an appointment!